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Starting from December 24th, 2005, Malpensa Express by Giosy Tours SA from Cadenazzo (the only Company with Federal authorization for transportation) offers bus service for Malpensa Airport, departing from Bellinzona, Lugano, Mendrisio and Chiasso.
Giosy Tours is the only Swiss Company offering - since many years - the bus transport service from Ticino to Malpensa and back, with Swiss plates and insured by La Mobiliare.
Malpensa Express gives you the opportunity to reach the airport without traffic and parking troubles, on board of our confortable air-conditioned bus. Relax yourself ! Our drivers will lead you up to Malpensa Airport (Terminal 1 and 2) in total confort and security after having loaded your luggage on board.
You can reach Malpensa Airport departing from Ticino up to 12 times a day, every day of the year at the same price and with the same timetables.
You can buy tickets (starting from Fr. 25.- (o € 20.-) ) directly from the driver, on the bus, or at our Travel Agencies. Booking’s always suggested, mandatory for groups composed by more than 5 people. Availability for not-booking customers varies according to bus booked seats.
Welcome on board of Malpensa Express
Giosy Tours’ Staff.