1. Where can I buy tickets from/to Malpensa?

You can buy tickets on board (only cash Chf. or Euros - NO CREDIT CARDS) or at the Ticket Offices of the railway stations in Bellinzona, Lugano, Chiasso, Locarno or at the Ticket Office of Autostradale at Malpensa Terminal 1 e 2.

2. Is reservation from/to Malpensa mandatory?

Reservation is not mandatory, but you’d better to do it, if possible.

3. Where can I book my tickets to/from Malpensa, and what I have to do to book them ?

  • Online, visiting our website www.malpensaexpress.ch;
  • Via email, writing at info@giosytours.ch;
  • Sending a fax to +41 091 858 25 25;
  • With a phone call to our office at (+41) 091 858 23 26. Please do not leave messages on our answering machine. Thanks

4. Da dove partono precisamente i bus per Malpensa?

  • From Bellinzona Railway Station, close to the Restaurant “Bavarese”, in front of the Cinema “Forum”, where you can find the bus stop;Temporaly in via Cancelliere Molo, because of road works at Bellinzona Railway Station click here
  • From Lugano Railway Station, near the round, close to the parking in front of the Restaurant “Anacapri” Temporaly in Besso Square, via Basilea Parking; click here
  • From Chiasso Railway Station, in front of the station itself,at the terminal of Chiasso City Buses; click here
  • From Mendrisio, at the Hotel Coronado. click here

5. Where do buses from Malpensa leave, exactly?

  • From Malpensa Terminal 1, Gate 4 Parking 5;
  • From Terminal 2, Exit at the end of the square, Parking 4; click here;
  • You can ask for more informations at the Autostradale’s Office (Terminal 1 e 2).

6. What happens if our plane lands with delay and we loose the bus we had booked?

In that case your reservation is automatically valid for the first bus you’re able to catch. You don’t have to call us, to inform about this.